Stork opens industrial maintenance service center in Salt Lake City in the USA

Stork celebrated the grand opening of its new industrial maintenance service center in Salt Lake City on Thursday, October 12. Stork welcomed clients and business associates to the facility as an opportunity to meet executives and the maintenance team. The celebration included a showcase of Stork’s maintenance, repair and outage support as well as its electrical, mechanical, HVAC and industrial plant services.

While Fluor has been providing services in the area for 20 years, the service center will offer additional expertise and specialty services in addition to around-the-clock support for client sites and operations.

The new service center will create 60 new technician jobs as part of its truck-based, fit-for-purpose mobile maintenance and construction fleet.

“The fleet will be equipped to serve industrial plants within a 150-mile radius supporting both 24/7 operations and emergency support needs,” said Dale Barnard, vice president for Stork in the North America region. “We look forward to complementing Fluor’s long-term presence serving clients by offering the Salt Lake City area additional value added services for the years to come.”

The service center supports both new and existing by offering maintenance, operations and other solutions for the entire life cycle of the facility.