Stork gives the green light for new production location in Hengelo

Stork has taken the first significant step in moving its present production location, dating back almost 150 years, from the centre of Hengelo to the city’s Kanaalzone. The new site will be part of the innovatiedriehoek (innovation triangle), the second phase of the Hart van Zuid business centre development project. The occasion was marked by a festive meeting at Stork Thermeq on Thursday afternoon 4 July of all the parties involved. Also present were representatives of the Province of Overijssel, the Municipality of Hengelo, Bouwbedrijf Van Wijnen and Projectbureau Hart van Zuid.

Since 1868 many thousands of Stork employees have spent their entire working lives at this historic location. The new building project once again underlines and strengthens Stork’s links with the Twente region and the Municipality of Hengelo.

“The present location, although it is of great importance for Dutch industrial history, no longer meets today’s requirements”, said Pim Oomens, CFO of Stork and one of those signing the agreement. “The new building project represents a further step forward in strengthening the technical, knowledge-based industry in the Netherlands, and particularly in the Twente region.

“The new location alongside the canal offers major advantages”, added Robert Nijhuis, Managing Director of Stork Thermeq. “It allows easy transport of large plant and equipment by water, instead of by road through the urban traffic of Hengelo. But most important of all are the advantages for our employees: the new building will give Stork a state-of-the-art production location, which is modern and easily accessible, and most of all offers a safe working environment meeting Stork’s high safety standards.”

About Stork
Stork is an international provider of knowledge-based Asset Integrity Management services for the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Power sectors. From concept through to execution – Stork aims to reduce risk, assure safety and improve environmental performance for our customers. With more than 185 years of experience and 14,500 employees worldwide (UK & Africa, North and South America, Continental Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific), we provide innovative solutions and integrate thinking and doing in the areas of asset integrity, consultancy, maintenance concepts, repair, renovation, new construction, relocations, subsea services and other related complex projects.

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