Stork receives ‘Maintainer Award 2011’ for Innovative Laser Technology

Stork has been awarded the prestigious "Special Award for Innovation” for its mobile laser welding technology. This innovative technology developed jointly by Stork Rotating Equipment business line and Integrity Solutions & Services allows for instant repairs to critical components, without complicated and costly transportation. "We are thrilled to receive this award, which not only honours our company’s innovation achievements, but in particular the successful collaboration of German science and entrepreneurship," said Sytze Voulon, Vice President Rotating Equipment from Stork. Martien Kennis, Vice President Integrity Solutions & Services from Stork added: "We would like to acknowledge the insight and entrepreneurial spirit of our colleagues from the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology in Aachen. Our combined expertise was instrumental in bringing this unique technology to the market." Companies in the petrochemical, shipping and dredging industry, as well as in the steel and storage sector rely on Stork to maintain gears and transmissions. They know that the corporate culture of "Thinking and Doing" not only guarantees the prompt execution at the highest quality level, but also stands for the anticipation of future needs and thus ensures continuous and reliable production.

A special feature of innovative laser technology is that material is pulverised inside the focus of a laser beam; the laser melts the powder and the surface of the component, allowing the old and new material to metallurgically mix with each other, as if the component was manufactured in one piece. This method enables Stork, among other things, to eliminate costly delays by keeping ships in Rotterdam (NL) on time and on schedule. Especially gear transmissions are subjected to enormous pressures and require regular maintenance and repairs. With the mobile ILT laser technology, Stork employees can now instantly execute the necessary repairs directly on location. This provides a tremendous market advantage for clients. "In the global logistics industry, time is a valuable asset and a critical competitive advantage, which we guarantee with this highly innovative technology for our customers," says Fred Mast, Product Line Director Gears. He adds: "The ILT laser technology complements our existing core competencies, high quality service and products, with mobility and speed. Together, these competencies provide our customers clear competitive advantages in their respective markets."

Stork client portfolio includes world-renowned companies from the shipping, petrochemical, transportation and logistics, steel, dredging and sugar industries, as well as chemicals, oil, gas and energy industry.

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