Stork to replace boiler system at ESD-SIC, Farmsum (Netherlands)

Stork recently signed a contract with ESD-SIC of Farmsum (Groningen, Netherlands) for the turnkey replacement of the boiler system. The present boiler system is reaching end-of-life and its availability is less than optimum. Another consideration for ESD-SIC is voluntarily increasing the level of the Best Available Techniques for the production of silicon carbide. To achieve this ESD-SIC started the first engineering stages for the new boiler in 2010. Stork was involved in this process from concept through to basic engineering, and this new contract confirms the confidence of ESD-SIC in the execution of the project by Stork.

ESD-SIC is one of the world’s largest silicon carbide producers, and also by far the most environment- friendly and energy-efficient. Silicon carbide (carborundum) is an extremely hard and heat-resistant material that is widely used, for example in the abrasives industry and in sustainability-related applications such as diesel particulate filters, water-purification units and cast steel for energy-efficient engines. Up to 65,000 tons of silicon carbide are produced per year at the company’s site in Farmsum.

One of the reasons for choosing Stork is its unique capability to create the most optimal boiler system based on extensive practical experience together with engineering, in-house production and installation resources. The new boiler installation will have improved reliability and availability, as well as higher efficiency and lower NOx emissions. The higher efficiency will result in increased steam production, in turn allowing more electricity to be generated. The lower NOx emissions contribute further to ESD-SIC’s goal of the most environment-friendly possible silicon carbide production. Stork in Hengelo is one of the few service providers with combined in-house expertise in burners, boilers and control systems.

The order for Stork comprises the replacement of the 14 meter high boiler system, including the boiler itself, the burners, the pumps and the control system. All these works will be carried out on a turnkey basis.

To allow the customer’s production process to continue as far as possible without interruption, Stork will carry out the engineering works and will prefabricate the boiler and infeed pipeline sections at its workshops in Hengelo.

“We once again chose Stork for this project because of our good experience with Stork in the past”, said Cas König, CEO of ESD-SIC.

“Stork’ integrated approach means our installation will only be out of operation for two months. During that time the old boiler system will be dismantled, after which the new system will be installed, tested and commissioned and performance measurements will be carried out. Electric power is a primary raw material for us, and ESD-SIC is the eighth-largest electricity user in the Netherlands. Our own plant allows us to generate around 15% of our power requirements. The short cycle time of the entire project is particularly important for ESD-SIC, because the longer the plant is out of operation the more it will cost us. We are relying on Stork’s engineers for this project, and we have every confidence in their skill and experience to complete the job successfully.”

“The new boiler installation will enable ESD-SIC to maintain its leading position in environment-friendly, energy-efficient production, and we’re very proud to be able to contribute to that”, added Marco Beune, Product Line Director Energy Efficiency Solutions at Stork.
In 2011 Stork initiated the ONE-Stork process, which brings together different Business Lines en Product Lines – in this case E&I Services, Process Equipment and Energy Efficiency Solutions – to deliver maximum benefit for each customer.

The project will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2012.