Stork unveils mechanical milling machine for seized caps

Seized caps are a major challenge for Stork's Monitoring Solutions team. If they are not maintained, caps can seize and become extremely difficult to remove, which makes their location unserviceable and poses a significant risk to platform integrity.

To find a solution to this challenge, the Monitoring Solutions team, led by Richard Munro, enlisted support from Stork's Mechanical department. Gary Morrison, Product Line Manager, and Peter Smith, Machining Technical Authority, developed a mechanical milling machine to remove seized caps in a safe and controlled manner. After generating a robust procedure and supporting risk assessment, extensive trials were held prior to demonstrations in the workshop, before receiving their first client workscope in June 2015.

In line with Stork's multi-discipline approach, the Monitoring Solutions team were trained to use the mechanical milling machine and the Mechanical team were trained to support on corrosion monitoring retrieval operations. As a result, the innovation offers both a cost and time effective solution for Stork's clients.

A video of the mechanical milling machine was created to showcase the simplicity and efficiency of this innovative solution. For more information on this service, please contact Richard Munro, Monitoring Solutions Manager,