Stork wins Traineeship of the Year election

After Stork’s Traineeship finished first last month in the sector ‘Technology’, Stork got through to the final of the Traineeship of the Year 2015 election.

The grand finale took place at the ‘Dutch Career Days’ where our Stork team had to pitch the traineeship in front of a jury against the other competitors, to decide who could take home the overall title Traineeship of the Year 2015. By performing a pitch that was equally well prepared as executed the team also won this last round in the election! As a result, Stork wins the renowned title Traineeship of the Year 2015 and finishes first in a competition in which many Dutch based multinationals participated.
It is not the first time Stork obtains this title. Also in 2006 and 2009 Stork won the gold medal in this election, among many top 3 rankings and multiple titles and top 3 rankings in the sector ‘Technology’. 

The title Traineeship of the Year 2015 is a great recognition for our Traineeship. It strengthens our conviction that we have a strong program in place for attracting and developing young talent.