Ugandan delegation visits Waste-to-Energy plant in Hengelo

On June 5 and 6, a delegation from the Ugandan MBale will visit Stork Thermeq and the Waste-to-Energy installation of Twence in Hengelo. The Ugandan city is struggling with a major waste problem, but its goal is to make MBale the cleanest city in Uganda; a Waste-to-Energy installation can make a major contribution to this.

MBale was once one of the cleanest cities in Africa but currently has a major waste problem. There is no good structure for the collection of household waste and the waste is dumped in some fast-growing landfills. By setting up a waste incineration plant where domestic waste is converted into electricity with the associated collection structure, a contribution can be made to a solution.

The delegation from Uganda, including the mayor of MBale and representatives from some other Ugandan cities, is welcomed at Stork Thermeq by the mayor of Hengelo, mr. Sander Schelberg. Here one also becomes acquainted with the garbage collection services of Twente environment, after which a visit is made to Twence as a reference waste incineration installation and to discuss the technical aspects of the project.

To deliver a Waste-to-Energy solution for the city of MBale, Stork Thermeq is working with Butter Bay, a Swedish consultancy in the field of clean energy. Stork Thermeq offers a compact Waste-to-Energy plant for this.

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