Safer Together is about caring, supporting and protecting - not just each other but the Environment too. 


Friday 5 June marks World Environment Day 2020.


Carbon footprint is one of the more natural ways to measure the impact of a person's daily activities. Monitoring this is crucial to any effort to reduce emissions and slow climate change. In 2020, Stork, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility and commitment to the environment, started a major project in the LATAM region to measure the carbon footprint in Colombia and Peru's operations, with plans to begin the same in Trinidad and Tobago in 2021. 

Our focus is the emission generating sources, to implement a strategy and reach for sustainable development from the carbon footprint measurement and the emission reduction feasibility.  

Once we have implemented this strategy, we will reduce the operational costs related to gas emissions and make improvements to current processes on client projects as we strive to be the Environmental Reference in Latin America. 


In Colombia, Stork has an Environmental Sustainability Programme, which every year includes the releasing of 15,000 alevines in an essential location, where our company has a very big operation, in Barrancabermeja. This exercise contributes to the biodiversity conservation in this ecosystem that suffers significant losses of arboreal and animal species due to water waste. 


The main problem of air contamination and climate change on the planet is the use of fossil fuels. In 2019, the atmosphere produced 147% more CO2 that 270 years ago.

Stork, searching for new technologies to reduce the diesel and fuel consumption started trials on a new vehicle technology, which decreases the concentration of greenhouse gases while optimizing the fuel consumption. This pilot system is installed in the vehicle engine as motor welders or motor generators. Its feasibility is being evaluated to determine implementation in all our operations. 

SEEDLINGS FOR OUR TEAM – Trinidad and Tobago

Keeping with principles of sustainability while considering the downturn in the economy, our mission this year in Stork T&T is to 'give a person a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a person to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime’. This strategy symbolizes growing of one's food versus having a one-off meal. 

To reinforce our commitment to the environment, our employees and their families, our Stork T&T office will be distributing vegetable seedlings to all on-site employees, at both of our operational sites. 

All these initiatives together strengthen us in our search for a better planet for future generations.