Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas asset integrity services throughout the asset lifecycle

Competitiveness is key in the global oil & gas sector. With the oil price volatilities resulting in an increased focus on efficiency, companies aim to keep their up- and downstream processes as economically fluent as possible. Their core activities are balanced with the need to manage aging assets if new installations aren't built or designed yet. Lifetime extension plays a key role in meeting production deadlines, avoiding unplanned downtime of installations.

Stork supports the global oil & gas markets through a wide range of integrated solutions to increase our client’s cost-efficiency, onshore and offshore. While we excel in delivering individual technical solutions, we also understand the complete oil & gas production process and its many interfaces. This combination of capabilities and industry-specific knowledge – underpinned by our proven portfolio of operations, maintenance, modification and asset integrity solutions – is what enables us to support your business. 

In short, we streamline the processes that are essential for safe, effective operations. And by improving efficiency, availability and profitability, we help to optimize the value of your assets.

Stork can help you to:

  • Extend asset lifetime
  • Optimize performance and reduce operational costs
  • Minimize down time
  • Develop and implement asset inspection and maintenance programs
  • Integrate advanced inspection services
  • Integrate repair, turnaround, modification and maintenance activities
  • Improve environmental performance

Our Products & Services offering
Stork can help you to:

How we add value

Efficiency focused

Services geared towards delivering cost and project efficiency throughout the asset lifecycle.

Always innovating

Track record of developing innovative products and services which deliver bottom line benefits for clients.

HSE excellence

Safety is a core value and Stork's industry-leading HSE program, REACH Beyond Zero, helps the company achieve HSE excellence.