Sustainable solutions in a challenging world

There has been a tremendous growth in the use of renewable energy worldwide. This has led to a new segment that evolves around balancing environmental benefits and economic competitiveness. To maximize return-on-investment, clients focus on maximizing energy-efficiency against the lowest production costs, while complying with regulations and improving safety performances.

Uptime is critical in establishing a reliable form of energy, with maintenance schedules dominating the agenda of asset owners. Renewable industry operators and owners are committed to increase the energy‑efficiency of their plants and farms to generate as much sustainable energy as possible.

At Stork we understand the difficult balance between asset integrity, financial performance and environmental responsibility. Our goal is to help our clients maximize return on investment, to help comply with regulations and to improve safety performance.

Combining our expertise in asset management with our in-depth knowledge of the renewable process and equipment, we work with our clients to develop successful strategies and customized solutions that deliver real benefits. We align processes, systems and people to achieve result-driven behavior and continuous improvement.


The global wind industry is responding fast to the increasing need for wind energy development. Worldwide companies are investing in wind power, being convinced of the benefits that wind energy can bring, e.g. clean energy production and less dependence of fossil energy sources.

Stork is a leading provider of operations and maintenance services for the global offshore and onshore wind energy industry. Our integrated approach allows us to assess, inspect and repair onshore and offshore wind turbines to ensure operational integrity, reduce unscheduled downtime and minimize OPEX, without compromising safety or quality.



Operators and owners of waste-to-energy plants are committed to increase the energy‑efficiency of their plants to generate as much sustainable energy as possible. Plants have evolved from waste incinerators to energy-production facilities, with or without heat recovery.

Stork works with clients to help them optimize both power and heat output. We analyze the energy system and local energy supply and demand factors, and then we support clients to make the transition from waste incineration to supplying heat and steam. The transition is a challenging process, but with our expertise it can be a profitable one.


Our Services to the Renewables Industry:

  • Maintenance of mechanical & electrical installations
  • Deliver essential upgrades and modifications
  • Retrofit all key equipment
  • Develop customized solutions
  • Inspection & Integrity services
  • Offshore High Voltage Stations
  • Rental service for tools and equipment

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Our Services to the Renewables Industry:

How we add value

Improved efficiencies

Reduce operational costs through improved efficiencies and innovative repair techniques.

HSE excellence

With safety as one of our core values we help you improve HSE parameters using our award-winning in-house safety program.

Continuous support

Provide a 24/7 service to address unplanned maintenance and repair.