Tuesday April 5th 2022


45 minutes


Bart Desmet | Principal Consultant

Gert Hoeflaak | Business Development


About this webinar

Transitioning to a lower-carbon production through electrification The financial and environmental benefits for industrial companies of using electricity instead of fossil fuels are increasing. In 2020, only about 20 percent of the energy consumed in industry was electricity, but electricity prices are lowering, the cost of electric equipment is falling and stringent greenhouse-gas (GHG) emission regulation are increasing.

The time has arrived for industrial companies, supported by policymakers and utilities, to plan for the adoption of electric technologies for their current fuel use. In this webinar, Stork's subject-matter experts will dive into the potential of electrification. They'll showcase best practices in electrification in industrial assets and share recent example cases. This webinar will focus on the following topics:

- Trends in the world's energy diet

- Electrification challenges and opportunities for industrial operations, e.g.:

  • Replacing diesel drives with electrical drives
  • Steam generation with E-boilers - ...

- Consequences of electrification for asset infrastructure

- Possible equipment modifications and upgrades

- Assessments and business case development for electrification

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