Thursday April 21st 2022


45 minutes


Mark Derry

Simon Dandy


About this webinar

An essential step in manufacturing metal constructions and equipment is the heat treatment process. During heat treatment, the material is heated up and cooled down, using predefined methods to achieve the desired mechanical properties like metallurgical structure, hardness, toughness, strength, etc. This is necessary to reduce residual stresses and to improve corrosion resistance and machinability.

There are many materials, and just as many heat treatment processes. It is essential that the correct heat treatment procedures are followed to ensure the metal meets the specified requirements.

In this webinar, our Cooperheat experts will give a crash course on heat treatment:

  • What is the purpose of heat treatment?
  • What are the benefits of heat treatment?
  • What are common heat treatment methods?
  • Recent innovations in heat treatment
  • The importance of thermal engineering

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