Wednesday June 9th 2021

About this webinar

Digital transformation, it is not the question if it will happen, but how we embrace it. This webinar is part of the annual ‘Trends in Asset Management’ conference by Stork AMT. This edition is all about inspiring each other by sharing concepts, technologies, cases and examples on Digital Transformation in Asset Management.

Floor Beugels and Enos Postma present how to develop a roadmap towards an Industry 4.0 driven organization focusing on rotating equipment. Answering questions like: which steps to take in this roadmap? Which type of assets or typicals to focus on? And what benefits to expect from implementing new ways of managing assets? 

Witness how to develop a roadmap towards an Industry 4.0 driven organization focusing on rotating equipment: steps to take, assets to focus on and benefits to expect.


Floor Beugels

Floor Beugels is the Operations Manager of the Stork departments Machine Diagnostics & Lubrication Services and Non-Destructive Testing at Stork, the company that she joined as a management trainee. She holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and researched non-destructive inspection methods for solid-propellant rockets at TNO.

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Enos Postma

Enos Postma is a senior consultant at Stork Asset Management Technology. With a background in Aeronautical Engineering and after a position as a lecturer, he now advises clients on asset management issues. His primary focus is on implementing improvement processes and predictive maintenance solutions for maintenance and asset management organizations. Recently he published an article on “Predictive maintenance in six steps.”

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