Wednesday February 16th 2022


45 minutes


Martijn Hinderdael | Senior Energy Consultant at Stork

Willem Jansen | Product Specialist at Stork


About this webinar

Rapidly rising gas prices, more stringent enforcement of legislation and societal pressures to reduce carbon footprints are forcing companies to rethink how they manage their assets. The possibility of utilizing waste and by-product streams from current industrial activities, is still underdeveloped in many industrial assets and represents substantial efficiency improvement potential.

Waste streams, which can be any kind of stream with a calorific value and/or sufficient temperature, can be repurposed and valorized in different ways; from heat generation to feed product recuperation.

In this webinar, Stork's subject-matter experts will unlock the potential of waste stream valorization. They'll demonstrate advanced waste valorization techniques and share recent example cases.

This webinar will focus on the following topics:

Identifying waste streams

Implementation and integration of waste valorization techniques for
- Waste heat
- Waste gas and liquids
- Waste materials

Business case development for waste valorization


Martijn Hinderdael | Senior Energy Consultant at Stork

Martijn is an experienced consultant with a demonstrated history of working for the power, waste, chemical, steel & energy industry. He is skilled in thermal plant assessments, both from technical (mechanical and thermal process) and economic point of view. He combines his vast theoretical knowledge with a result oriented hands-on practical approach.

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Willem Jansen | Product Specialist at Stork

Willem has a thermal engineering background and is within Stork active as subject-matter expert in the field of combustion of liquids and gases. He has worked with multiple clients implementing various waste valorization techniques. 


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