Trends in Asset Management 2021

Trends in Asset Management 2021

Digital Transformation

Every year, Stork organizes its conference "Trends in Asset Management" (TiAM) where Asset Management experts and asset owners meet on topical subjects. This year the topic of our conference is the Digital transformation in Asset Management.

Industrial digital transformation refers to embedding new digital technologies and capabilities in industrial organizations’ legacy assets, capitalizing on the shift to Industry 4.0 and effectively creating and monetizing IoT solutions. During our conference, prominent speakers will share insights from different perspectives on technical developments, the human factor, applications and best practices.

Given the current situation regarding COVID-19 and the measures taken, we again decided to transform the annual conference from a physical to a digital event. Also, we converted the focus from a Dutch into a European perspective.

The online TiAM will take place on 8, 9 and 10 June, during 3 afternoon sessions starting at 12 noon. During the online conference you can ask questions, participate in polls, chat and get inspired by both digitization and asset management experts. You can read the full program below.

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The program

Day 1 - Tuesday 8 June, 12:00 - 13:30 CET

Opening + Trends in Digital transformation + Panel discussion

Digital transformation in Asset management – an introduction

Jan Schipper - Stork Asset Management Technology

Jan Schipper approaches the digital transformation from the perspective of the industrial Asset Management service provider. New technological developments raise new possibilities to manage assets. What opportunities does this offer, and where are we in the process of adoption?

Signposting in digital transformation

Terrence O'Hanlon - Reliability Web 

Publisher and endowed speaker Terrence O'Hanlon will guide us through the jungle of terminology in the world of digitization. After discussing the rationale of digital transformation, he will offer his audience a framework and organizational approach for digital transformation in asset management and link it to ISO 55000.

Innovation labs as implementation accelerator

Henk Akkermans  - World Class Maintenance

Henk Akkermans, professor at the Tilburg University and chairman of WorldClassMaintenance, will explain the role and results of several field labs initiated to boost digital transformation implementation. What benefits can we expect from these cooperative voyages of discovery?


Your host of the event is Ferry Visser

Day 2 - Wednesday 9 June, 12:00 - 13:00 CET

Digital transformation and ...



Denise Kinghorn & Wim Kluiter - Stork

Digitization is often related to rotating and motional equipment but offers great value in static equipment as well. Wim Kluiter will discuss and demonstrate the possibilities and benefits of 3D scanning. Denise Kinghorn presents “PlantSENS® – Sensing the Future” and effective ways to monitor plants for Smart Asset integrity.



Floor Beugels & Enos Postma - Stork

Floor Beugels and Enos Postma will present how to develop a roadmap towards an Industry 4.0 driven organization focusing on rotating equipment. Answering questions like: which steps to take in this roadmap? Which type of assets or typicals to focus on? And what benefits to expect from implementing new ways of managing assets? 



Martijn Glass - Stork

With COVID-19 inhibiting travel, creativity has started to blossom with regard to remote collaboration. One of the most visible changes is the usage of Teams, ZOOM or Webex in the ‘office’ environment. But how are things going in the field? Innovation catalyst Martijn Glass will guide us through 12 interesting use cases with respect to remote collaboration in the field. Some might already be ‘business as usual’ for some, but others might stretch your mind on new ways of working in the field.

Day 3 - Thursday 10 June, 12:00 - 13:00 CET

Digital transformation in practice


Emerging Digital Tech in Asset Management 

Alberto Martinetti - University of Twente

Assistant professor at the University of Twente, Alberto Martinetti, is specialized in Maintenance Engineering. The way we approach maintenance and asset management is changing due to the emergence and diffusion of digitalised technology and smart sensors. He will reflect on a possible way forward, discussing technologies like digital twins, augmented and virtual reality.



Andreas Weber - Evonik

Asset Owners in Europe, driven by the pandemic situation, tremendously learned, that value chains need to be changed very quickly. In addition to that we are facing demographical change. VP Commercial Interface & Development at Evonik, Andreas Weber, will show us that time for individual solution building in digitalization is over. We need to collaborate in a smart way. “A war for talents” does not make sense, the people we like to catch are not born. We need the rationalization potential out of digitalization projects to tackle the tremendous shortage gap of 40% of people.


Smart Maintenance Living lab "Zeelandbrug"







Ruben Ogink - WorldClassMaintenance
Pádraig Naughton - HZ - UAS
Reindert Hoeksema - Istimewa

Ruben Ogink, Pádraig Naughton and Reindert Hoeksema will take you along their journey of the Fieldlab' CAMINO': applying digital transformation and predictive maintenance on infrastructural objects and networks. They will focus on the pilot around the longest bridge in the Netherlands, the 'Zeelandbrug' (length approx. 5000m). They explain what they do, what they have learned so far and what they are still eager to learn. Please join them in their journey.

Practical Event Details


Given the current situation regarding COVID-19 and the measures taken, we have transformed the conference from a physical to an online conference. This event will take place on Tuesday 8, Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 June 2020. We use Zoom to stream this conference. It will also be streamed on Youtube.


Participation is free. We only ask you to register in advance.


Trends in Asset Management (TiAM) is an annual conference organized by Stork, where Asset Management experts and asset owners meet on topical issues. Speakers from leading companies, universities or research organizations talk about and share their experiences and expertise.