Webinar: Decarbonization

Webinar: Decarbonization


Eliminating CO2 emissions of your industrial plant

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 - 16h CEST / 10 AM EDT

Decarbonization is a key element of the energy transition. It can be achieved by decreasing or eliminating the amount of CO2 emitted by your industrial asset, and already is a key focus area for several sustainability initiatives. Decarbonization turns out to be both a challenge and an opportunity. Public demands, investor pressure, government policies regarding decarbonization are rising, while the cost of technological solutions is significantly reducing. 

In this webinar, our subject-matter experts will address these challenges and showcase multiple solutions to achieve decarbonization goals:

  • What are the main drivers of decarbonization?
  • Proven techniques and examples of how to achieve decarbonization in industrial assets, through:
    -  Electrification
    -  Waste stream valorization
    -  Efficiency upgrades
    -  Eliminating fugitive emissions
    -  Emission capture
  • How to plan for and achieve decarbonization in your industrial plant

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