Webinar: Smart Condition Monitoring

Webinar: Smart Condition Monitoring


Ensuring asset health with the best-fit maintenance strategy

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 - 16h CET / 10 AM EST

Predictive maintenance has made enormous progress over the last few decades thanks to emerging sensory technologies, evolving software solutions and new insights in condition monitoring and data analytics. With the right condition monitoring techniques you can detect faults and degradation of both static and rotating equipment, and avoid unexpected breakdown or failure, not only ensuring asset health but also improving the reliability and uptime of your production process. 

Managers need a predictive maintenance strategy that suits their challenges and asset infrastructure. In this webinar, our three subject-matter experts will guide you through the process of choosing and implementing the best-fit condition monitoring techniques and maintenance strategy for your asset. 

 Tune in to this webinar, and learn: 

  • How to determine when you require condition based, run to failure or time-based maintenance strategies. 
  • What condition-based maintenance strategies there are, and when to apply which one. 
  • Best practices and techniques for monitoring static equipment. 
  • Best practices and techniques for monitoring rotating equipment.
  • The added value of condition-based maintenance strategies, when done right.

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Our subject-matter experts

Ludolf Pijpker |  Senior Maintenance Consultant @ Stork

Ludolf Pijpker has more than 25 years of experience in asset management within the process industry. He has applied various analysis methods to establish a balance between costs, risks and performance for all kinds of assets. Doing that he has experienced several data driven approaches within condition based maintenance and performed numerous projects for customers determining and implementing the best health monitoring and prediction solution. Ludolf is Stork's Subject-Matter Expert in Data analytics and Knowledge Owner for asset management and maintenance IT-tools.

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Denise Kinghorn |  Monitoring Solutions Project Manager @ Stork

Before joining Stork 13 years ago, Denise Kinghorn worked for various engineering firms. She has a background in electronics, field engineering and commissioning. Denise now works as Monitoring Solutions Project Manager in Aberdeen, Scotland. She is one of the driving forces of the development of PlantSens: an independent monitoring platform that provides a holistic view of asset integrity.  

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Floor Beugels |  Operations Manager @ Stork

Floor Beugels is Operations Manager of the Stork departments Machine Diagnostics & Lubrication Services and Non-Destructive Testing at Stork, the company that she joined as a management trainee. She holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and researched non-destructive inspection methods for solid-propellant rockets at TNO.

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