E&I Integrity services

E&I Integrity services

Full integrity management services for electrical and instrumentation equipment

Stork is a leading provider of Electrical & Instrumentation asset integrity services to the global oil & gas, power and chemical industries. Working together with operators we can assist in developing an inspection process that will align with the strategy of specific assets.

With a fully integrated capability to carry out any necessary repairs, Stork reduces failures; increasing asset life whilst maintaining the maximizing recovery. We also offer a web-based system for calibrating and validating of physical process equipment.

Stork can offer full integrity management services for electrical and instrumentation equipment located in hazardous areas. This can include onshore and offshore inspections with the use of rope access technicians where special access is required for a cost effective solution.

Customized maintenance and inspection agreements for all electrical and instrument equipment can be developed to your situation, and take into account potential problems that are specific to your company or industry. Stork can also support in delivering your own maintenance and inspection schedules.

Calibration and validation specialists can offer technical expertise in assessing your measuring devices and installations and develop strategies to ensure that you are compliant with the relevant standards to your asset.

How we add value

Bespoke solutions

Customised maintenance solutions to meet your specific needs, with fast response and 24/7 availability   

Advanced equipment

State-of-the-art equipment and expert multi-skilled teams to meet every challenge 

Improved efficiency

Improved project efficiency with a single point of contact for the total project (hardware and software)

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