Supplier-independent process reliability

The integrity and performance of your process rely on accurate calibration and validation of your measuring and metering equipment. We support you in meeting your quality requirements for validation protocols as well as on-site physical validation. With our specialist professionals, flexible approach and wide range of tools and equipment, we’re ready to maintain your production facilities and measuring principles at the required high level.

How we add value:

  • Complete technical range of measurement parameters: from weighing, process instrumentation and electrical right up to geometrical issues
  • Complete life-cycle services: engineering, execution, service & maintenance, calibration and validation
  • Not only measurements but also adjustment, modification, advice and troubleshooting
  • Total data management outsourcing with a validated management system
  • Service provided in our laboratories, on-site, by mobile measurement or even remotely with our validated management system
  • Supplier-independent

Expertise in Quality Control
Stork’s own calibration and validation specialists apply the highest level of technical expertise in assessing your measuring devices and installations. We advise on the most efficient ways to modify manufacturing processes to meet the applicable safety and quality standards. 

Our knowledge and experiences regarding calibration and validation includes:

  • Measurement equipment for pressure, temperature and flow
  • Quality measurements including pH, conductivity, explosion and exhaust gas
  • Weighing, both automated and non-automated
  • Geometrical measurements and solving geometrical issues
  • Physical validation of equipment
  • Knowledge of rules and regulations including ISO, VCA, HACCP, GMP and ATEX
  • We work with customer procedures and protocols as well as Stork SOPs
  • Engineering for writing and auditing protocols and procedures
  • Location and environmental knowledge in the Chemical, Power, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Feed, Pharmacy and Health sectors
  • Analysis in our own laboratories, on-site and in mobile labs
  • Management of standards by a validated database system with exclusive usage rights for customers
  • Repair, overhaul, rebuilding and troubleshooting
  • Advice, engineering and modifications

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