Hazardous Area Integrity

Hazardous Area Integrity

Stork provides our clients with hazardous area integrity assurance that all electrical and instrumentation equipment complies with international standards via inspection.

Stork has significant experience in providing hazardous area inspection onshore and offshore. We have a large workforce of competent technicians whom the majority also has rope access qualifications offering flexibility for inspection / remedial work.

How we add value:

  • Verifying existing hazardous area registers and devising a suitable strategy in order to assist clients in accomplishing their objectives.
  • Rationalising repairs required in relation to the category of faults found and the type of items requiring repair.
  • Determining the scope of work required for carrying out the repair. This can depend largely on the locality and accessibility of the item and whether specialist techniques such as Special Access Systems are the preferred cost-effective solution.
  • Proficient forward planning in regards to materials and reporting by offshore supervisors. This ensures the effective execution of repairs.

Capabilities include:

  • Large Competent workforce
  • Planning strategies
  • Auditing
  • Campaign management
  • Materials procurement / planning
  • Reporting

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