Instrumentation & Control Services

Instrumentation & Control Services

Delivering a full range of cost-effective Instrumentation & Control services

Stork offers a full range of Instrumentation and Control Systems services including system analysis, hardware and software engineering design, control panel assembly, installation, testing, commissioning.

Stork can bring the latest installation techniques which is part of our core business to provide a cost effective solution to our clients.

In industrial IT and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Stork has the expertise and experience in automation, processes and operational management to provide you with in-depth support that provides compliance with relevant legislation and standards.

How We Add Value

Life-cycle services

Complete life-cycle services for your Instrumentation & Control requirements; engineering, execution, service and maintenance, calibration and validation

Significant savings

Support in creating and implementing budgets, investment planning, financial research and the calculation of savings.

Single source

Access to all the required Instrumentation & Control knowledge domains from a single point of contact.

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