Industrial IT & MES

Industrial IT & MES

Constant access to key information for safe, optimal process management

Information availability is increasingly vital for industrial organizations, under the influence of increasing legislation and regulations as well as economic factors. You need to have a constant overview of efficiency, effectiveness and quality, with access to key information for safe, optimal management of your business processes. That requires the integration of office and production automation with industrial IT and the implementation of MES functionalities.

How we add value:

  • We use the most advanced applications and systems
  • Multi-disciplinary teams with specific industry and sector knowledge
  • Access to all the required knowledge domains from a single point of contact
  • Quality certified
  • We work with safety always as a core value
  • Our engineers and consultants have detailed and constantly updated knowledge of your industry.

We specialize in linking a wide range of data sources in industrial organizations. These links between technical, logistics and administrative data create real added value and turn data into usable information. Reliable information, straight from the heart of your organization and information that enables you to take the right decisions.

Stork has the expertise and experience in automation, processes and operational management to provide you with in-depth support in MES and industrial IT. That enables us to comply effectively and practically with legislation, regulations and standards such as ISA-88, ISA-95, GFL and 21CFR part 11.

The implementation of industrial IT and MES demands knowledge of applications and systems, as well as of office automation and IT. But knowledge of the specific industry and sector, (MES) functionalities and legislation, regulations and standards is just as important.

The concrete MES functionalities that we apply include: data collection and acquisition, production scheduling and dispatching, quality management, process management, maintenance management, product tracking and genealogy (tracking & tracing) and OEE and performance analysis.

Our range of services in industrial IT and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) includes:

  • Quick scan
  • Consultancy and advice
  • Process optimisation (business and production processes)
  • System integration (IA-MES-ERP-integration)
  • Software engineering and implementation
  • Application management

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