Instrumentation & Telecoms

Instrumentation & Telecoms

For industrial and utility construction, from engineering to implementation of instrumentation & telecoms

We have significant experience in a wide range of industries of providing efficient building solutions for instrumentation & telecoms – from pre-engineering to implementation. At Stork, we look carefully at both technical and financial feasibility right from the start. And we’re familiar with the latest technology developments and policies that can help reduce your building management costs.

How we add value:

  • Cost-saving building-related systems for industrial and utility construction
  • Customer-centered approach with outstanding customer service
  • Linkage or integration of multiple building systems
  • Transparent documentation with management of total documentation process
  • Explosion-proof rooms
  • Rapid response to changing market conditions and new technology developments

At Stork, our experts have state-of-the-art knowledge of building-related systems for industrial and utility construction. We can support you through the entire process of building and maintaining the system, meeting all applicable standards and regulations . Our total life-cycle concept means our engineers advise you about your use of the building over the long term.

We understand that changing policies can affect building management costs. For example we can quickly take advantage of new opportunities like subsidies or market stimulation policies

Our proven approach starts with assessment of technical and financial feasibility of the electrical system. Our engineers visualize the entire process in clear installation drawings which we manage and keep updated as your project moves forward.

Our building systems expertise includes:


Energy and emergency power facilities Lightning protection and earthing systems
Energy measurements (Emergency) lighting systems

Instrumentation and Telecoms

Data networks and telephone systems (certified) Central antenna installations Camera systems Intercom systems
Building management systems Building automation Control systems  

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