Designing, manufacturing and installing business-critical equipment and materials

Stork has a legacy spanning 150 years in designing, manufacturing and installing business-critical equipment and materials, ranging from pumps, pipes, gearboxes and turbine blades to deaerators, boilers & burners and complete power-generating installations. 

We combine high-quality product engineering with independent provision of in-depth asset integrity management. Stork can supply OEM equipment to EPC, provide custom-built machines based on the clients’ specific requirements, and replace obsolete machines with new and improved designs.

By working closely with our clients from the very beginning, our creative and solution-driven engineers are able to fully understand the requirements and develop solutions tailored to the clients’ specific needs. Quality levels are discussed and agreed upon upfront. As a trusted partner with clear processes, we deliver on our promises.

Spare Parts

Our extensive and in-depth knowledge of both Stork-original as well as third-party equipment, also allows us to re-engineer and manufacture critical spare parts with the shortest lead time possible and thereby keep your assets running.

Equipment Rental & Sales

Stork's subsidiary EQIN is the specialist in industrial equipment, tools and consumables rental, sales and training in the Benelux. EQIN not only supplies all your equipment needs, but also gives advice on the optimal implementation and use of materials and tools.

Cooperheat Equipment Webshop

Visit the Cooperheat Equipment Shop for your online quotation requests for specialized heat treatment equipment, including compact heat treatment units, data recorders, panel burners, consumables, spares and accessories.