Custom-built pumps & services

Custom-built pumps & services

150 years of experience in pump technology

Stork has amassed over 150 years of experience in pump technology. The expertise we have accumulated in hydraulics and mechanics enables Stork to provide customized pump solutions for virtually any application and market, including services, upgrades, overhauls and spare parts.

We provide complete peace of mind to customers by offering total solutions and by using the total cost of ownership as the basis for our designs. Stork Pumps is located in the Netherlands and has access to a global network of 17,000 Stork employees.

Custom-built pumps

Our engineers develop custom-engineered pump designs with the newest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and experience to fulfil and exceed client needs.

Based on our experience and heritage, we can fully meet our clients' needs by providing the best-fit solutions.

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Custom-built pumps

Pump Service, Overhaul & Repair

We offer comprehensive services for the maintenance and overhaul of pumps, both on location and in our workshops. We have years of experience and are located close to the major industrial regions, which means we can respond quickly and effectively to your needs. 

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Pump Service, Overhaul & Repair

Spare Parts & Components

Access to both in-house and outsourced component manufacturing gives us the flexibility and control over the general pump repair process.

As OEM, we offer high-quality pump spare parts and unique repair solutions by state-of-the-art reverse engineering techniques. We can repair, modify and manufacture virtually all pumps and components.

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Spare Parts & Components


•   OEM customization 
•   Upgrades and retrofits 
•   Service and repairs 
•   Parts and components 
•   Energy efficiency scans and studies 
•   One-stop shop 
•   Reverse engineering


•   Irrigation 
•   Pumping stations 
•   Flood protection 
•   Drinking water treatment 
•   Waste water treatment 
•   Firefighting 
•   Energy 
•   Oil and gas 
•   Chemicals


Stork has an extensive track record in the infrastructure & water sector. Advice, new constructions, service & maintenance, upgrades, modifications and projects: we assist organizations throughout the entire life cycle of their installations.

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