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Gearbox Spare Parts

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Fast manufacturing of gears & gearbox components

Spare part for gearboxFlexible in-house component manufacturing capabilities give us full control of the overall gearbox repair process. We offer proven high quality up to and exceeding OEM standards, as well as unique repair solutions for re-use of existing components.

Experienced and skilled engineers

With over 50 years of machining experience, we can repair, modify and manufacture virtually all gearbox components, no matter how complex. All machines are operated by skilled and experienced engineers, dedicated to creating quality components. All our equipment meets the highest specifications, and our machining department is staffed round-the-clock to provide you with a fast, responsive service.

Manufacturing of gearbox components to OEM quality standards with unrivaled speed.


The ability to measure gears accurately is vitally important for the quality of the manufacturing and reverse engineering processes. To ensure the required accuracy we use specialist measuring equipment for the gears we produce.


The cutting stage defines the quality of the gears we produce. Profile adjustments such as tip and foot relief, high barrelling, end bevelling and flank line barrelling are also made during the cutting process. We produce high-accuracy gears for high‑speed gearboxes, as well as high-load gears for durable applications, often with multiple gear corrections.


Our machining facilities enable us to (re-)grind gears on-the-spot. Our range of gear milling machines allow us to cut or slot nearly all types of gears – includes special gears which are often difficult to source.

Reverse Engineering

With the 3D scanners from Stork we can scan a wide range of equipment, components and spare parts, which enables us to re-create OEM drawings. With the help of the digital drawings the actual product can be re-produced in one of our specialized facilities around the globe.

Stork offers both in-house and on-site scanning services,  which is crucial in minimizing downtime of your tgearboxes. Stork has years of experience and a dedicated team of experts, consisting of trained Quality Engineers, who can scan your components at your site. This data can then be used for multiple purposes, including:

  • Reverse Engineering of your damaged components
  • Verifying component measurements and tolerances
  • Create 3D models of your desired components
  • 3D model verification for additive manufacturing
  • Tolerances & Complex Geometry checks

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