Specialized Machining

Specialized Machining

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Specialized machining of gearboxes and complex components

Our advanced machining department can manufacture and modify nearly all gearbox components, no matter how complicated. All machines are operated 24/7 by skilled engineers, dedicated to create quality components. We are capable of reproducing any type of gear and all gearbox components.

Machining capabilities

The large machining and metal working department houses several high-performance machines for the (CNC) milling, (CNC) turning, (CNC) grinding and (CNC) profile grinding of components and the slotting of keyways.

Shaping, hobbing and profile grinding of gears

Every gearwheel or pinion manufactured is subjected to a complete standardized quality control procedure which includes material origin certification, heat treatment reports, manufacturing reports, and a complete gear geometry measurement.

Laser Cladding

Stork offers laser cladding, an innovative solution for the repair and upgrade of valuable components. By applying metallic coatings with a powerful diode laser, a component can simultaneously be repaired and protected against future wear and corrosion. The result is 100% metallurgical bonding; it will appear as if the component was manufactured in one piece. 

Gearbox test center

An important last step in the overhaul process is the trial run of an overhauled gearbox on our test bench. This test bench is an area of 60 m2 where our trial run procedure can be run through with 5 gearboxes simultaneously.

Some facts about our machining department:

  • We deliver a wide variety of high-precision gear measuring equipment, capable of measuring gear geometry up into the micron range
  • The machining capabilities are both versatile and flexible, allowing us to interact and respond to any occurring situation in the shortest period of time
  • The precision grinding process defines the final quality and geometry of the gears we produce

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