On-site Measurements & Condition Monitoring

On-site Measurements & Condition Monitoring

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On-site measurements & condition monitoring

The diagnostics portfolio is complemented by on-site component measurements of rotating equipment.

Using a Faro arm or optical measurement systems, different points of the geometry can be recorded and can later be directly imported into a 3D CAD program.

Geometric measurements

on-site geometric measurement gearboxOur Diagnostic engineers use a Faro measuring arm to conduct high-accuracy onsite measurements. The data obtained can be used to define overall gearbox geometry or to reverse engineer one or more parts. To this end, the data is imported into a 3D CAD program and analyzed by our engineering department.

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Torque measurements

Our Diagnostics team perform torque measurements where strain gauges are used (gearboxes and propeller shafts). We are able to monitor torque levels continuously. Stork installed many torque systems around the world that  are now successfully used to control the drivers load (most commonly diesel engines). These installations prevent unacceptable tensional stresses, which can lead to damage or failure of the installation. 

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Infrared measurements

Stork's diagnostics team measures mechanical and electrical equipment for thermographic infrared emissions. We use this technique to determine the critical parts, such as bearings, in gearboxes.

The thermographic infrared camera is also used in:

  • Detection of blockage in pipelines, e.g. air fan banks
  • Condition monitoring of rotating equipment
  • Inspection of electrical installations such as switch rooms and transformers
  • Detection of leaks of gases and liquids
  • Our Raytek ThermoViewTM Ti30, which is used to measure the temperature of metals and non-metals, has an operating range between 0 and 2500oC (32 to 4820oF).

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Gearbox alignment

In troubleshooting assignments, alignment measurements provide valuable information on possible causes, using both conventional gauges and advanced laser alignment. In some cases alignment is monitored during operation by laser tracking. 3D measurement can also be used to align gearboxes, turbines and bogies. Using the newest laser equipment, precise measurements accurate to within 0.01 mm can be performed, such as:

  • Shaft alignments
  • Flatness
  • Straightness
  • Perpendicular measurements
  • Line boring
  • Parallel measurements

Detect gear and bearing failure at an early stage

Don't hesitate to contact us in case of increasing vibration or noise levels, high temperatures, excessive clearance, oil leakage or other problems with your rotating equipment. Or simple, just in case you need a fast and reliable health check-up! We identify AND solve gearbox problems before catastrophic failure occurs or even standstill of your rotating equipment.

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