Infrared measurement tools

Infrared measurement tools

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Infrared measurements

Stork Diagnostic Services performs thermographic infrared measurements on location on both mechanical and electrical equipment.

The Raytek ThermoViewTM Ti30 of Stork Diagnostic Services measures temperatures between 0 and 2500 C (32 to 4820 F) of metals and non-metals.

Uses of Infrared Thermography

Stork Diagnostic Services usually uses this technique to determine the critical parts, such as bearings, in gearboxes. However, the thermographic infrared camera is also used in:

  • Detection of blockage in pipelines, e.g. air fan banksThermographic Infrared Measurements on location
  • Condition monitoring of rotating equipment
  • Inspection of electrical installations such as switch rooms and transformers
  • Detection of leaks of gases and liquids


The thermographic infrared camera can localize "hotspots". The photos made by the camera can be filed in a database. The advantage is that the camera can be used for "troubleshooting" and periodic measurements. The trends in installations can be followed and beginning problems can be noticed at an early stage. This can save you expenses.

Technical specifications

  • Temperature range 0 to 2500 C (32 to 4820 F)
  • Accuracy ± 2%
  • Laser class 2
  • Storage capacity 100 photos

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