Online Condition Monitoring

Online Condition Monitoring

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Online condition monitoring

Stork Diagnostic Services'  latest development is to expand its activities to include a system whereby industrial installations can be monitored 24/7 online, anywhere in the world.

This Online Monitoring System consists of several sensors, which are attached to various sorts of rotating equipment to measure various parameters. The data is sent to a central control box via one or more intermediate stations called "Multiplexers". The control box processes the data and sends it via the Internet to our home base in Rotterdam.Online monitoring system for gearbox

24/7 gearbox monitoring

The measured data is stored in the PC. This data is compared with earlier analyzed data for a trend analysis. The Online Monitoring System works with alert levels. It monitors the gearbox 24 hours a day and warns the home base with an e-mail or SMS if an alert level is exceeded. Our diagnosis specialist will take direct action.

The diagnosis specialist makes contact with the local measurement system to analyze the stored parameters and to determine the cause of the alert from the home base. More detailed measurements are also performed at local level from the home base.

Trend analysis

The Online Monitoring System scans the sensors regularly for data processing. This can vary from streaming every two minutes to once a day. The above measurements can also be used for trend analysis, in which gradual increase in for example vibration levels can indicate increasing wear of bearings and/or gears. This sort of wear can therefore be noticed at an early stage, so that maintenance can be easily planned, depending on the situation.

Communication everywhere

The communication of the Online Monitoring System proceeds via a satellite connection, a fixed telephone line or GSM network. It is simultaneously possible to use a router to connect various PCs on location via a LAN Ethernet network. It will be obvious that this system can be placed in any location.

Alert levels are set at a warning alert and a shutdown alert, depending on rpm and power. An SMS or e-mail is sent immediately in the event of a warning alert. The installation can also be immediately shut down in the event of a shutdown alert, in addition to this dispatch being sent.Online monitoring system for gearbox

Recordable parameters

The following parameters are determined with the Online Monitoring System:

  • Vibrations
  • Axle displacements
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Oil level
  • Rpm
  • Power
  • Noise
  • Torsion

Advantages of an Online Monitoring System

  • Works fully stand-alone
  • Warns if alert values are exceeded
  • Can be used in places that are difficult to reach
  • On-line monitoring of your equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Alert values are set depending on input rpm and power
  • Analysis options from the home base
  • Early warnings ensure cost saving, less subsequent damage and planned maintenance
  • Data can be stored periodically in a database
  • Measurement settings can be changed from the home base

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