On-site Visual Videoscopic Inspection

On-site Visual Videoscopic Inspection

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Visual endoscopic inspections - Saving time and money

Visual inspections on machinery are a powerful tool to assess the condition of the machinery.

Stork uses different endoscopes, for example the portable Everest XL Go video borescope. Endoscopes are mostly used by our diagnostic engineers to inspect bearings of gearboxes and gears in a planetary arranged gearbox.

Inspection of high risk componentson-site visual gearbox inspection

The endoscopes can be equipped differently in order to inspect very small bearings as well as large planetary gearboxes and planet carrier bearings. Pictures are taken or even video can be recorded to present the results of the inspection. Most commonly, pictures are added to a technical inspection report with an analysis of the observed damage pattern, followed by conclusions and practical recommendations in order to avoid further damage.

Accurate endoscopic inspections with VideoProbe

The Everest VideoProbe system is specifically built to inspect difficult to reach areas, such as windturbine gearboxes.
A superior image quality provides enhanced performance to assist in locating and measuring defects.

How we add value

  • Endoscopic inspections are completed within hours, saving time and money
  • Often no gear system shutdown is required, inspections are carried out onsite during normal production
  • Alsof for difficult to reach areas, no disassembly required
  • A highly trained diagnostics team for accurate diagnosis and analysis

Detect gear and bearing failure at an early stage

Don't hesitate to contact us in case of increasing vibration or noise levels, high temperatures, excessive clearance, oil leakage or other problems with your rotating equipment. Or simple, just in case you need a fast and reliable health check-up! We identify AND solve gearbox problems before catastrophic failure occurs or even standstill of your rotating equipment.

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