Innovative repair for gearbox components

Innovative repair for gearbox components

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Laser cladding - Increased lifetime for critical components

Innovation - Gears of the future  

laser cladding by Stork Gears and Services

The hunt for innovation is imprinted in the DNA of Stork. The question "can it be done better, less expensive and more efficient" is the driving force behind many succesfull gearbox repair projects. Thanks to innovative research and development work, Stork Gears & Services has built up a strong reputation in the field of laser cladding. This high power laser technique is an innovative solution for the repair and upgrade of valuable components. Your benefits? Fast repair times, reduced downtime and increased lifetime of critical, high-wear components.

Lasercladding vs traditional welding of worn gearbox parts 

Sooner or later, every gearbox begins to suffer from wear. During heavy and continuous use of the gearbox in driving generators with turbines, windmilss and ship's engines, parts can certainly become damaged, resulting in reduced efficiency or the complete breakdown of the gearbox. During maintenance, bearings are replaced and parts, such as bearings, axles and cogs, are replaced or repaired as needed. Traditional methods, such as welding repairs or spraying processes, are an option for the repair of worn parts. However, one drawback to old-fashioned welding work is that it involves high temperatures, which is problematic for the properties of the original material and can lead to deformations. 

Laser cladding - maximum precision and minimum distortion

There is a solution for this problem: Laser cladding. Laser cladding is a welding technique which can be performed very locally. The melting process occurs with a laser, and the layering is achieved by busing advanced powders. A computer-driven robot arm makes refined precision application possible. The material is re-built up layer by layer, and the heat input is concentrated in such a way that deformations are minimal, making corrections such as alignments or grinding, unnecessary. The technology makes it possible to also apply other materials which are more resistant to corrosions and erosion. 

Laser cladding - An innovative solution for gearbox repairs & upgrades

The use of laser cladding in gearboxes is revolutionary. It presents numerous interesting applications, even on-site if necessary. Recently we repaired a turbine casing by completely cladding the housing. This resulted in an enormous reduction in cost and throughput time.  

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How can we help you?

How can we help you?
Laser Cladding

Our laser cladding department is fully equipped to respond fast, both in-house as on-site, anywhere in the world, on a 24/7 basis. To find out how we can support your operations please contact us.

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