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Complete gearbox services for Key industries

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Gearbox Assembly IndustryStork Gears & Services is active in high-demand market segments where our customers expect fast response to minimize downtime costs.

Based upon hundreds of successful applications approved by our customers around the globe, we can provide complete gearbox services to solve specific gearbox problems in key industries: Petrochemical, Mining & Steel, Offshore, Storage & Shipment

Gearbox Maintenance Program

Flexible and complete

An increasing number of industrial gearbox owners throughout the world are outsourcing their maintenance activities, freeing themselves from undefined levels of risk and responsibility whilst enjoying improved equipment availability and profitability.

Gearbox Maintenance

To make sure your equipment keeps running optimally, we offer a complete gearbox maintenance program. Your equipment will be looked after with regular check-ups and preventive maintenance performed. Plus, you will receive regular reports of the condition of your equipment with our recommendations as to any major maintenance work required.

Key Benefits

Outsourcing maintenance allows our customers to focus on their core compentencies and daily operations. Other benefits:

  • improved availability and reliability of the primary process
  • reduction of repair costs
  • fewer unplanned maintenance
  • better risk and safety management


  • Chemical industry
  • Heavy industries (Sugar,
    Steel, Mining, Plastics)
  • Petrochemical
  • Storage & Transhipment

Industry Gearbox


  • Coal mills
  • Compressors
  • Extruders
  • Hoisting and closing work gearboxes
  • High speed gearboxes
  • Mechanical drives
  • Mill drives

We keep your Industrial Gearbox running

Our Gearbox Maintenance Program is characterized by a high degree of flexibility and excellent service. All maintenance arrangements are agreed in mutual consultation and can be fully customized. We arrange our maintenance schedule with you to make sure that any down-time is kept to a minimum. Our maintenance program includes:

  • Vibration measurements
    Detects commencing bearing damage
  • Visual and videoscopic inspections
    Full on-site inspections and recommendations
  • Multichannel vibration measurements
    Monitoring the dynamic behavior of your turbo-machinery
  • Oil analysis
    Oil analysis provides important information on wear modes and possible gearbox lubrication problems
  • Infrared monitoring
    Monitor the tendency of installations using infrared thermography
  • Non-destructive research
    Crack testing on gears, carried out by certified diagnostic engineers
  • 24-hours service availability
    Our engineers can be on location fast
  • Onsite bearing exchange
    Quick replacement of high-quality bearings
  • Full spares support backup (optional)
    Stock control of spare parts and spare gearboxes
  • Equipment management
    Online access to a complete and up-to-date overview of the maintenance status and examination details of your gearboxes
  • Wear protection through laser cladding
    A protective coating extends the life span of your equipment  
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We invite you to contact Stork Gears & Services representatives to discuss the way we can help your company for unparalleled maintenance service and results.

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