Gearboxes in the Dredging Industry

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Gearboxes in the dredging industry

Dredging vessels are equipped with several types of gearboxes, such as variable sand speed drives, sand pump drives and cutter suction dredgers. The dredging industry customer’s main requirement is that the tasks must be carried out in a very short time. The costs of stand still as a consequence of a failure in a defective dredging vessel are enormous and rapidly amount to thousands of euros per hour. This calls for very fast repair times.

All our departments - such as engineering, project management, production and assembly all work closely together to obtain the total result as expected by our customers. Being a service organization all our operations are completely flexible in order to offer the fastest possible response and repair times.

Worldwide gearbox service 

Our customers in the dredging industry are executing projects all around the world. The airport of Hong Kong, for instance, is situated on an artificial island and was created by the Dutch and Belgian dredging fleet. The Palm and The World in Dubai are also well known large land winning projects. Stork Gears & Services offers worldwide services to these types of customers. A team of specialist service engineers and machine shop-facilities are available to work world-wide. Our locations are strategically based in Rotterdam, Dubai and Singapore, enabling a rapid response to the customer's requirements. Innovative, modern communication resources are deployed to offer service to our customers on not easily accessible locations, such as seagoing ships and oil platforms.

High quality & gearbox knowhow

The dredging industry is a dynamic company branch, where innovations, strict international security, quality requirements and specific tool expertise come first. Stork Gears & Services has the gearbox expertise, gearbox experience and facilities in house to deliver rapid and professional service for customers in the dredging industry all over the world.Dredge pump repair by Stork Gears and Services

The dredging industry concerns itself amongst other things with the construction of land in water, protection of coasts and extending and maintaining ports and shipping routes. 

Worldwide recognized dredging techniques are used; dredging involving larger distances is mostly performed with trailing sucker hopper dredges. On a hard floor, found in rivers and canals, cutter suction dredgers are
frequently used. Belgium and the Netherlands together have the largest
and most modern dredging fleet in the world. They are known for their
numerous dredging companies carrying out their work all around the world.

Projects for the dredging industrydredge pump repair by Stork gears and services

Dredging companies can always contact us for the repair and production of gearboxes. We serve global dredging companies such as Van Oord and Boskalis and more often governments.
Recent projects:

  • Gearbox repair of bucketwheel dredger
  • New dredgepump gearboxes 

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