Jahnel Kestermann Gearbox

Jahnel Kestermann Gearbox

Jahnel Kestermann Gearbox Legacy

After a full years as the exclusive service provider for Jahnel Kesterman gearboxes, with the full intellectual property in our possession, it is time for a review.

We serviced a lot of gearboxes, but we still notice that not everyone knows that we are the only official partner for spare parts. We even get reports that some gearbox service companies state to also have the drawings; this is not correct, and if they have drawings these are illegally obtained.

Stork Gears digitalized all the drawings and the tooth profile sheets. This means we can start production of the spare OEM parts directly. Benefits for the customer are besides the OEM quality combined with the ease of maritime class approval, the direct start of production without re-engineering. This saves a lot of precious time in the total repair process.

Coming years we expect a growth in requests because more customers will know were to buy their OEM parts. Stork is completely prepared with their state of the art machine shop, set up for fast service and quality production.

Any requests will directly be handled. Please send them to:


Best regards,

Rob Broekema

Sales Director