Railway Services

Railway Services

Technical Services that keep your railway business moving

As a service company Stork Railway Services strives to be an important factor in the success of its clients. Driven by a pro-active approach Stork focuses on providing the best service to its customers.

In a dynamic market Stork continuously searches for innovative solutions in order to fulfill the expectations of its customers. Knowledge, experience, service and quality are applied seven days a week for maintenance and overhaul of bogies (components). Stork utilizes smart research and analysis to increase safety and achieve cost reduction for its customers. Stork delivers it services to allow its customers to focus on providing the best services for travelers and industries.

As a former bogie producer Stork Railway Services has extensive knowledge to suit every need. Customers of Stork can be found in all segments of the Railway industry. Stork delivers a complete service package for all types of bogies.

For regional and national transport companies Stork provides a wide range of services from major overhaul projects to fast repair solutions. Stork supports OEMs by providing experienced staff, such as the implementation of bogie modifications or supporting in warranty work. Maintenance companies build partnerships with Stork to cooperate on challenging technical projects and capacity issues. Contractors require specialized maintenance solutions for a limited fleet in a small window of time. Stork provides customized technical solutions for all situations.

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