About Us

About Us


From Werkspoor till now

Stork’s history in the railway market dates back to 1827, with the founding of Werkspoor and later the production of the first steam locomotive in the Netherlands. Stork has been active in the Railway market ever since as an OEM of bogies through Stork RMO in the 20th century, and today as a complete bogie service provider through the Railway Services product line.

Our history ensures know-how plus an understanding of the importance of safety. Safety is a vital factor in railway operations, and we are certified to industry standards to ensure it:

  • IL&T-approved workshop issued by the Dutch Ministry of Transport
  • ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Certificate
  • SCC** (Safety Checklist Contractors or the Dutch VCA**: VGM Checklist); Safety, Health and Environmental Management certificate for contractors


Mission and vision

As a service company Stork Railway Services strives to be an important factor in the success of its clients. Driven by a pro-active approach Stork focuses on providing the best service to its customers. In a dynamic market Stork continuously searches for innovative solutions in order to fulfilll the expectations of its customers.

Knowledge, experience, service and quality are applied seven days a week for maintenance and overhaul of bogies (components). Stork utilizes smart research and analysis to increase safety and achieve cost reduction for its customers. Stork delivers its services to allow its customers to focus on providing the best services for travelers and industries.

Connection with Stork, a Fluor Company

Stork, a Fluor Company, is a global provider of maintenance, modification and asset integrity services. Our global network includes our headquarters in the Netherlands, plus operations in the UK, Continental Europe, Americas, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Stork Railway Services is a business unit of Stork Gears & Services BV, part of Stork, and based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Working at Stork Railway Services

Interested in working at Stork Railway Services? We are always looking for highly skilled personnel to keep our customers railway business moving. Contact us via info.railway@stork.com