Boiler Projects

Boiler Projects

Boiler Projects

Stork Thermeq is your specialist for biofuel conversion, waste-to-energy, waste-to-product, hybrid boiler solutions, E-boiler implementation and heat recovery in industrial facilities.

Your challenge

Your challenge is to keep ahead of your competition by controlling your costs, and emissions and running a highly efficient facility. In order to reach the optimum in your asset performance you wish to cooperate with specialist companies, experienced in specific competences useful to you.

Your partner

Stork Thermeq’s specialist technical and financial expertise supports you in reaching your goals. From brainstorming to implementation of your facility the optimization, Stork Thermeq is your partner. Based on an understanding of the key business drivers, Stork Thermeq can assist asset-driven companies to review their management strategy and sourcing and to maintain profitability.

Your benefits working with Stork Thermeq

  • Forward-thinking, flexible solutions that save energy
  • Adding value to your process by cost reduction ( lowering TCoO and improving ROI)
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Convenience: single point of contact for your project
  • Innovative implementation of E-boilers in existing steam system
  • Single point of contact for advice on subsidies, electrification and hydrogen combustion

Making your business more energy-efficient is not only environmentally-friendly, it also

  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Demonstrates your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Is part of your corporate image in power generation.

Combining design, fabrication, installation and commissioning, Stork Thermeq solves this problem through our Energy Efficiency Solutions. To take advantage of energy-efficiency opportunities, we bring together different parties to get the job done. Each project is tailor-made and can be delivered turnkey.

Scope of activities


  1. Objectives and scope for improving energy efficiency
  2. Brainstorm session
  3. Discussion on the impact
  4. In processing, environmental (emission reduction, etc.)
  5. Advice
  6. How to proceed?


  1. Objectives
  2. Planning & budget
  3. Desk research – in-house reports
  4. Boundary definition
  5. Advice & summary
  6. Presentation technical & economical impact - ROI


  1. Detailed specifications
  2. Sub-supplier tendering
  3. Final specifications & options
  4. Firm quotation
  5. Fixed business case (ROI)
  6. Purchase Order


  1. Boiler & burner design
  2. CFD – Analysis + Engineering
  3. Configure – to - Order
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Factory Acceptance Test - FAT
  6. Site Acceptance Test - SAT


  1. Loop testing
  2. Cold Commissioning
  3. Hot commissioning
  4. Hand-over


  1. Operating philosophy
  2. Spare parts
  3. Maintenance concept
  4. LTSA

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