24-7 service support

24/7 Boiler Services support

24/7 Boiler services support

Reducing down time and associated damages

Forecasting maintenance-activities is part of Stork Thermeq’s core activities. But naturally, not all your service and maintenance can be scheduled.

Specialized service engineers are available for you – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – to prevent additional costs during unplanned plant outages. This group will arrange for additional human resources and materials on request. Metal processing machinery (e.g. for tube bending) is available in the Stork Thermeq workshop.

The 24-7 service support is available for customers – based on LTSA – through one dedicated phone number.


This team of specialists within the service-department consists of service engineers, mechanical engineers and welders. Based on a long term service agreement (LTSA) these stand-by-teams are available for customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in accordance with agreed rates. Analysis and repair are key issues. The availability of additional workforce, material and specialized equipment, for example, for tube bending, will ensure down time and associated damages are kept to a minimum.

Together with the customer root cause analysis investigations can be executed to locate the source of the failure. A modification can be engineered and executed to prevent the failure from reoccurring.

Repair activities are often executed under difficult circumstances on all kinds of materials. For that reason the Stork technicians (e.g. welders) in 24-7 service are qualified to carry out their demanding work under extreme conditions.

Your benefits

  • Specialized team of service engineers for repair and analysis
  • Single point of contact: one supervisor will be in charge of all activities involved
  • Additional workforce is available on request
  • Stock materials for steel components (e.g. boiler tubes) are available
  • Specialized machinery e.g. for tube bending is available
  • Qualified welders for all kinds of (boiler) material are available