Boiler Manufacturing

Boiler Manufacturing

An experienced workforce using modern tools and machinery

The Stork Thermeq manufacturing facility specializes in boiler component production and assembly. Our prime objective is delivering high quality, cost effective, tailor-made, and on time reliable products. Considering the nature of the power production sector, short lead times are a key factor for production planning. The new and well – equipped workshop with heavy craning facilities ensures a fast and effective response. The highly qualified personnel and special machinery such as membrane panel welding machines and tube bending machines are key success factors in our manufacturing processes.

The core competences are:boiler manufacturing

  • Engineered products (deaerators and burner systems)
  • Boiler components
  • Packaged boilers
  • Peripheral components, e.g. skid manufacturing

As OEM supplier Stork Thermeq delivers and replaces:

  • membrane walls
  • headers
  • superheaters
  • economizers
  • evaporators
  • package boilers
  • condensers (focus on re-piping)
  • prefab high pressure piping
  • other pressure parts

Peripheral activities are:

  • Repairing burner systems
  • Repairing deaerators
  • Skids
  • Ducting
  • Heat exchangers

A critical success factor are Stork Thermeq’s qualified welders, expierienced in a wide range of welding techniques and qualifications such as SAW, SMAW, GTAW and GMAW/FCAW.

Our experienced welders master various welding processes and are certified to weld high alloy steels and stainless steels.

The Stork Thermeq – workshop is certified to:

  • ISO 9001
  • PED module H & H1
  • TUV, AD-merkblatter HP0 and TRD201
  • ASME Code stamps S and U

For more information about certificates in manufacturing, please visit our overview.

Your benefits:

  • Integrated knowledge and experience on many projects and installations
  • Continuous R&D for welding systems and steel components in boiler systems
  • Specialized equipment e.g. membrane panel welding machines a tube bending machines
  • Inter-company NDT-services to assist in measuring and analysis
  • In-house execution of all steps involved
  • Convenience: single point of contact through the entire process
  • Extensive upscalable workforce
  • Quality Assurance as basic management tool
  • Turnkey approach during outages
  • As part of the Stork Power Services Group planned integrated outages in boiler equipment and rotating equipment (turbines and generators) can be executed

Stork Thermeq manufacturing facilities

For the manufacturing of deaerators, burner systems and boiler pressure parts Stork Thermeq has

  • specialists for welding and assembly
  • equipment for metal processing, material handling and logistics

Here you will find an overview:

Welding processes

  • ELE – SMAW – 111
  • TIG – GTAW – 141
  • MIG/MAG – GMAW – 135/136/138
  • OPD – SAW – 121

Manufacturing facilities

Equipment Size capabilities
Submerged  arc Welding machine (SMAW)  Maximum Diameter 5 meter
Membrane panel welding machine  
Rolling mill  5 ton / 300 ton

Components production

Equipment Specification
Horizontal Lathe  
Floor Type drillen &  miller 2 m (W) x 6 m (L) x 2.5 m (H)
Plate bending machine 45 mm (T) x 3.5 m (W)
CNC – Plasma Cutting machine
CNC – Oxygen Flame cutter
15 m (L) x 3.5m (W)25mm(T)
15 m (L) x 3.2m (W)200mm(T)
Band Saw max. diam. 500 mm
Shot blasting machine 3.5 m (W) pass through height 275 mm
Hydraulic Press 600 ton
Pipe bending machine max. diameter 80 mm


Equipment Specification
Overhead crane Up to 220 tons