Inspection & Consultancy

Inspection & Consultancy

Boiler Inspection & Consultancy

Determining the condition of your boiler system is our common goal

Inspection & consultancy are essential in asset integrity management. Especially concerning its influence with respect to steam boilers and also within the power train. The integrated approach of Stork Thermeq’s service specialists combine experiences and knowledge of different types of steam boiler. Realizing common objectives concerning availability and reliability is the key focus during these inspections and consultancy activities.

Core activities:

  • Residual life time assessments
  • Visual inspections
  • Emission measurements
  • Reverse engineering
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and analysis
  • Pipe support inspections

Project approach:

In general four steps are identified during inspections:

  1. Inspection (e.g. visual inspection)
  2. Root cause failure analysis
  3. Analysis of different solutions (advantages vs. disadvantages)
  4. Implementation

Reverse engineering and residual life time assessments
Stork Thermeq is specialized in reverse engineering of boiler systems:

Boiler Process Conditions and Boiler Model
Based on the original design parameters and the existing mechanical design the boiler is re-modeled using our design software.

The process model will be validated with actual measured performance data of the boiler.

Critical parts analysis
Material analysis: based on the validated boiler model, the actual material temperatures can be checked against properties of the materials used.

Failure history: an analysis of past failures – together with the operators of the installation – in order to determine condition insight information.

Visual inspections and NDT (Non Destructive Testing) are executed to confirm the critical parts and actual condition.

Proposal for modifications
Based on the information gathered, various options for improvements will be analyzed and proposed.

All proposals will be evaluated from a technical as well as a financial point of view.

Your benefits:

  • As former boiler manufacturer Stork Thermeq has capabilities in (re)design and servicing different boiler systems
  • Specialized knowledge in processing, mechanical engineering and controls for integrated solutions
  • Convenience: single point of contact for the total scope of work
  • Latest state-of-the-art IT-hardware and software, e.g. CFD-analysis, FEM etc.
  • ‘Big data’: extensive knowledge and experience base in boiler equipment (power plants, industry, W-t-E, eg.)

Boiler types:

  • Direct fired watertube boilers (all fuel types including syn gasses and renewables)
  • Supplementary fired boilers (HRSG’s – Heat Recovery Steam Generators)
  • Waste incinerators
  • Fluidized bed boilers