Advanced combustion technology for improving performance and NOx emission reduction.

Your challenge

Fuel flexibility, hydrogen firing, performance improvement and compliance with changing emission regulations are constantly challenging professionals in power generation. In both direct and supplementary firing (HRSG) applications, the objectives are often quite clear: lowest CO and lowest NOx combined with the highest boiler efficiency performance. These multiple objectives and the various fuel streams concerned often define the scope of future oriented combustion systems. That really presents challenge for our process and mechanical engineers.

Your partner

Stork Thermeq’s specialists in combustion technology have technical and financial expertise to help you reach your goals. The integrated experience and knowledge of firing systems, processes (heat transfer) and mechanical engineering are key factors to enable OEM-partners and end-users to cooperate effectively together with Stork Thermeq. Stork Thermeq can take care of commissioning, troubleshooting, maintenance and periodic inspections and Stork Thermeq is SCIOS certified. For long term relationships including for instance emission measurements or project based contracts – you are able to put your trust in Stork Thermeq as a reliable partner.

Your benefits

  • Advanced R&D for future oriented burner technology with e.g. implementing CFD and 3D-modeling
  • Specialization in multi fuel combustion technology
  • Turnkey approach: from basic engineering up to manufacturing, commissioning and emission measurements
  • Track record worldwide in direct firing, supplementary firing (HRSG) and burner retrofit projects
  • State-of-the-art test facilities
  • As former boiler manufacturer insight into and knowledge of water/steam cycles
  • Convenience: single point of contact for your project

Scope of activities

  • R&D, basic engineering, detail engineering
  • Burner manufacturing, commissioning and emission measurements
  • Service and maintenance concepts for burner systems including BMS
  • Burner (and boiler) retrofits – from brainstorm, analysis and advice up to emission control
  • SCIOS (scope 3,5,6)

Product range in burner systems:

  • Customized boilers, e.g. for multi-fuel applications
  • Impulse Ultra-Low-NOx burners, a patented concept for gas and oil firing
  • DRB – Double Register Burners
  • LNPF – the Stork-burner for Low-NOx applications in coal and biomass firing
  • Inline grid burners for gas/oil in supplementary firing (HRSG)
  • Circular duct burners for gas/oil in supplementary firing (HRSG)
  • Hydrogen firing burners

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