Supplementary Firing Systems

Supplementary Firing Systems

Supplementary firing systems

The latest state-of-art supplementary firing systems for HRSG’s

Your partner

For an integrated approach in HRSG-burner systems, Stork Thermeq is your partner from Basic Engineering up to Commissioning and Testing. Especially where challenging conditions apply such as a great variety in process fuels and TEG conditions (Turbine Exhaust Gas). Experienced with different TEG-applications and complex owner/engineer specifications, Stork Thermeq-engineers assist you in finding optimum solutions for your supplementary firing system. You will also benefit from inter-company knowledge concerning CCGT-technology within Stork Power Services.

Solutions for fired HRSG-projects

Stork Thermeq will assist you step-by-step if supplementary firing in your HRSG is required. Starting with advice as how to deal with complex project specifications as well as how to optimize the burner installation for the specific project requirements.

Different software tools are used for design, calculation and flow modeling. For example CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to check and optimize TEG flow distribution and temperature profile in the HRSG.

For the manufacturing of your HRSG-burner system Stork Thermeq has a totally new workshop area of 16.000 sqm. Site erection, commissioning and testing are available for finalizing the scope of work. For the long term cooperation LTSA’s can be developed for MRO, service, inspections and spare parts.

Stork patented augmenting TEG-system

For situations where the TEG conditions are insufficient for providing stable combustion, e.g. in a two stage burner design, Stork can offer its patented augmenting TEG-design. Augmenting TEG is a preferred solution compared to augmenting air as no cold external air is introduced into the system.

Advantages of augmenting TEG vs augmenting air:

  • No flow of cold air introduced in the HRSG, so no impact on boiler efficiency with augmenting TEG
  • No augmenting air fans required means lower installed costs and lower power consumption
  • Simpler system means more reliability and less maintenance headaches.

Your benefits

  • Over forty years of experience in HRSG-firing systems
  • Ability to meet complex project specifications and requirements
  • Experienced project managers help you navigate complex project organizations with end-users, EPC and other involved parties to achieve successful project results
  • Experienced in a wide range of process and waste fuels
  • Fit for toughest TEG-applications (Turbine Exhaust Gas)
  • Design and delivery of skid mounted fuel supply systems and BMS (Burner Management Systems)
  • On time delivery of equipment and documentation

Technical specifications

  • HRSG-burners starting at 5 MW and up wards (unlimited)
  • Low emission Burner systems for gas or oil firing
  • Patented augmented TEG-system
  • Combination TEG and fresh air mode