We are your partner…

As market leader, Stork has provided deaerator solutions all over the world, for more than 85 years. Our legacy as former boiler manufacturer (Stork Boilers) provides us with in-depth knowledge of feed water systems. We are always committed to provide the most optimal deaerator solution for our customers specific applications.

…with an excellent product

The patented Stork spray type deaerator offers multiple benefits for both Owners and EPC contractors.

Enduser or Owner:

  • Oxygen levels <7 ppb without oxygen scavanger
  • Low OPEX because of
    • No oxygen scavenging required
    • No wearing parts (No trays, even the sprayer is not a wearing part)
    • No maintenance
    • 90% less steam loss compared to conventional tray type design
  • Large operating window 1:30
  • Robust and proven design (>85 years)
  • Partially deaerated water available during start-up ensures maximum boiler protection.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)

Stork as partner ensures:

  • Low CAPEX due to single vessel design
  • No vent condenser required
  • No oxygen scavenger dosing unit required
  • Reduced erection time
  • No trial fitting required
  • One vessel to transport
  • One vessel to insulate
  • Reduced instrumentation and control
  • Lower building cost (steel structure or building)

Example 1:

A plant maintenance manager of a petrochemical installation in Asia operates six Stork spray type deaerators. Per deaerator, demin water with a flow of 150 t/h is being fed to the deaerator and needs to be deaerated to 7 ppb of dissolved oxygen in the boiler feedwater outlet. If a tray type deaerator was used for this application, the cost for adding oxygen scavenging would amount up to EUR 70,- per day, per unit. Because the customer chose for Stork spray type deaerators this customer is saving a total amount of over EUR 150.000,- on chemicals annually.

Example 2:

A customer in the Pacific area informed Stork about an interesting fact related to low steam loss. This specific customer operates a chemical plant situated in the country side. People who live close to the plant always noticed large amounts of ‘smoke’ rising from the plant not knowing that this was just steam.

This customer decided to replace their conventional deaerators with Stork spray type deaerators. By doing so they not only improved their environmental friendly image by reducing vent steam but at the same time they saved on operational cost by a staggering EUR 500.000,- per deaerator, per year. This saving is achieved by the reduction of vent loss but also since an oxygen scavenger is no longer required.

Now, both production lines are equipped with Stork spray type deaerators.

Testimonials from our customers are available on request. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to see documents.