Additional Information Stork Thermeq Deaerators

Additional Information Stork Thermeq Deaerators

Additional information Stork Thermeq Deaerators

Stork offers a wide variety of deaerator solutions. These are the varieties available:

Horizontal spray type deaerator

This type of deaerator is commonly supplied in many types of power process plants.

Flow 50 to over 6000 t/hr.
Vacuum to above atmospheric pressure conditions.
No product size limitations (workshop only).

Vertical deaerator

Reduced footprint due to vertical configuration. Often used in combined cycles as a by-pass deaerator.

Flow 30 – 460 t/h
Vacuum over pressure to above atmospheric pressure
Compact design (often 2 to 3 minutes retention time upon request)

Internal drum deaerator

This deaerator section can be installed in an LP steam drum thus eliminating a stand-alone deaerator.

Flow 10 – 500 t/h
No LP drum design change required

Please consult Stork Thermeq if you require a solution other than those listed above


The Stork spray type deaerator is a single vessel design. This means that the deaerator and feedwater tank are combined in one vessel. This makes the deaeration process via the patented sprayer more effective. The condensate or demin water will be instantly heated up by the sprayer this making trays unnecessary.
The internals of the Stork spray type deaerator primarily consist of:

  • Stork patented sprayer
  • Steam charging device
  • Splash plates mounted around the sprayer
  • Circulation partitions (baffle plates)

Stork deaerators are designed according to a wide variety of standards and/or guidelines such as:


ASME (with/without U-stamp)
Any country specific requirements