Plant Applications

Plant Applications


The Stork deaerator is used in a wide variety of power plants. Most of them in fossil fuel power production. Stork deaerators are also applied in renewable energy production.

Example in CSP (Concentrated Solar Power). Please find here detailed information of power plant applications for the Stork deaerator.

Stork provides deaerator solutions for a wide variety of plant applications such as:

The benefits of using a Stork deaerator are described for each application. In addition, you can find background information in the subsections in the menu shown on the right.

Details of the unit shown in the photo:

Location: Egypt
Output:  1.400 tons/day of refined sugar
Deaerator size:  Total length 17220 mm x Dia 3200 mm
Year of delivery:  2009
Outlet flow:  210 kg/s
Operating pressure: 0.34 Bar.g
Gross volume:  130 m3
Total weight: 31 tons
Performance:  7 ppb (NOx level)
Design code:  ASME VIII

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