Combined Cycle Power Plants

Combined Cycle Power Plants

Combined Cycle Power Plants

The Stork spray type deaerator lends itself to a flexible choice of locations in such a combined cycle system depending on the various application types:

  • External deaerator: heated by steam
  • External deaerator: heated by hot water
  • Internal drum deaerator
  • Deaerator/drum

Vacuum and over-pressure operation in one design

The Stork spray type deaerator design accommodates for a switch from vacuum to overpressure (in case fuel is being switched from gas to oil). No additional hardware is required. This means reduced cost due to the absence of an external heat exchanger & control equipment. When operating under vacuum conditions, the boiler feedwater is fed directly to the economizer. No additional heat exchanger and temperature control system is required.

Avoid dew-point corrosion

Uncomplicated control of the Stork spray type deaerator is a major benefit as the use of simple pressure control is accurate, reliable and fast. This results in optimal efficiency for the boiler system at all loads. This means that a Stork system Safe guards the deaerator pressure and protects the boiler against dew point corrosion under dynamic loads or when the economizer does not deliver sufficient heat.

Reduce footprint by using a by-pass deaerator

Some plant designers only require the deaerator to be in operation during start-up and when oxygen levels in the boiler feedwater exceed the threshold value. Stork has developed a vertical deaerator with a small footprint for this specific purpose. This deaerator is kept stand-by when not normally operable in the system loop, ready to immediately deaerate when being brought back into the loop.

Location: Germany
Fuel type: Natural gas
Output: 300 MW electric and 230 MW heat
Deaerator size: Total length 17152 mm x dia 3400 mm
Year of delivery: 2014
Outlet: 384 t/h
Operating pressure: 2.04 Bara
Gross volume: 144 m3
Total weight: 28 tons
Performance: 7 ppb
Design code: EN13445/PED Cat II module G