District Heating

District Heating

District Heating

When supplying hot water to a district heating system, the heat required is often transferred from the turbine exhaust to the so-called district heating condenser.

High performance required: Stork delivers

Often relatively cold condensate which is saturated with dissolved oxygen is fed to the deaerator. This means that the deaerator itself needs to operate at a high efficiency rate in order to deaerate the water effectively. In some district heating systems no chemicals are allowed, and so it is forbidden to chemically treat the water. Due to the high performance of the Stork spray type deaerator an oxygen scavenger is not required making the Stork design an excellent solution in district heating plants.

All operation modes in one design

The lay-out of a district heating system requires flexibility of operation. This means that operation with and without pre-heaters should be accommodated as well as a steam turbine- bypass. A Stork spray type deaerator will accommodate by-pass operation of LP pre-heaters, LP-preheater and/or steam turbine bypass mode. See also

Parallel operation

Parallel operation means that two deaerators are connected via one common header to the boiler feed water pumps. In situations where customers want to operate for instance with two boilers and two deaerators, the Stork spray type deaerator offers a particular parallel operation benefit. In this set up one deaerator can act as a back-up whereas when both deaerators are in operation, both deaerators run at only 50% load. The two Stork deaerators are connected on both water side and steam side and can therefore, from a control philosophy viewpoint be treated as one vessel. This reduces the costs of controlling the condensate and steam supply and the number of boiler feedwater pumps.

Name: Tychy

Location: Poland
Type: CHP plant
Output power: 50 MW
Features: State of the Art generation plant meeting stringent ecological demands
Deaerator size: 2600 mm x 14800 mm
Year of delivery: 2014
Operating pressure: 4.4 Bara
Gross volume: 72.9 m2
Total weight:  19.5 tos
Performance: 7 ppb
Design code: EN13445/PED