FPSO Marine

FPSO Marine

FPSO Marine

Compact design

Space constraints are often of great concern for top sides design engineers. This is the reason why equipment suppliers are requested to reduce the footprint of their equipment. The Stork spray type deaerator meets this requirement both from height and length points of view. Depending on the required storage volume and available space, Stork can supply either a horizontal or a vertical spray type deaerator.

Ship motion

FPSO’s are known to operate in harsh weather conditions causing severe pitch and roll motions. Stork takes these motions into account when designing the deaerator. These design conditions and additional measures such as anti-sloshing baffles ensure smooth operation and superior performance, even under very severe weather conditions. Provided this information has been clearly specified.

Maintenance free

An FPSO is a marine vessel with a lot of (process) equipment on board. The majority of this equipment requires maintenance which can lead to production stops and/or HSEQ risks. An FPSO owner/operator will be pleased to know that the Stork spray type deaerator will not require any maintenance. This as well as, the high availably of the deaerator and the excellent performance is the reason why many FPSO’s are equipped with Stork spray type deaerators.

No spare parts

In line with the maintenance free concept, there are no spare parts required for the Stork spray type deaerator. This is not only a cost saver in terms of spares investment but it is also a major cost saver in terms of logistics. No spares need to be kept on board of the FPSO flown in by helicopter.

Name: Kraken FPSO

Location: European continental shelf
Features:  Capable to withstand rough sea conditions
Deaerator size: Total length 8130 mm x dia 3200 mm
Year of delivery:  2015
Outlet flow:  48 kg/s
Operating pressure: 2.1 Barg
Gross volume: 60 m3
Total weight: 15 Tons
Performance:  7 ppb
Design code:  ASME VIII Div 1/PED