Large operating window

Deaerators in Petrochemical plants are often subject to rapid load changes and/or extraordinary sudden flows routed to the deaerator. This requires a large operating window in which the deaerator needs to be able to perform. From 10% to 110% of boiler load. A Stork spray type deaerator is the pre-eminent type to handle such duties and things. The self-regulating sprayer that can insert steam under the water level allows the deaerator to deal with the most diverse circumstances still meeting its performance without the necessity of oxygen scavenging.

Reliable operation

As in other types of plant, reliability in a petro-chemical plant is of utmost importance. Non availability of the deaerator can lead to a decrease or loss of production. The robust design of the Stork spray type deaerator ensures reliable operation and the possibility of routine maintenance during scheduled outages contributes to the availability of the boiler system.

Low OPerational EXpenditure

No spare parts, no oxygen scavenger, no internals to be replaced, very low vent loss all contribute to this reliability. These are all features of the Stork spray type deaerator that make this deaerator attractive to plant owners, and operators, and which contribute to reducing maintenance costs.

Parallel operation

In a parallel operation setup two deaerators are connected via one common header to the boiler feed water pumps. Especially petro-chemical installations require flexibility, and prefer to operate two boilers on one deaerator and keep one redundant.
The Stork spray type deaerator offers a parallel operation benefit. In this set up one deaerator can be a back-up whereas when both deaerators are in operation, both deaerators run at only 50% load.
A condition for this is that multiple deaerators are connected both on the water and steam sides and, from a control philosophy viewpoint, can be operated as one vessel. Obviously this results in cost savings with respect to controlling the condensate and steam supplies, as well as the number of boiler feedwater pumps.

Name: Asia Pacific

Type: Methanol plant
Output: > 2 mln tons Methanol
Deaerator size: 3660 x 21000 mm
Year of delivery:  2013
Outlet flow: 140 kg/s
Operating pressure: 4 Bara
Gross volume: 200 m3
Total weight:  53 tons
Performance: 7 ppb
Design code:  ASME VIII div 1